Your Nanaimo HVAC System Could Be Making You Sick

An HVAC (also known as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system) is one of the most important parts of a building’s design plan. It controls the overall climate of the building, including the regulation of humidity. Because these systems directly impact the temperature, moisture, and purity of the air, they’re crucial for maintaining physical health.

Newer buildings are required by law to meet certain standards for their Nanaimo HVAC systems, but even new buildings can run into maintenance or design issues with their HVAC systems. This is especially true for a business with a small budget. This means that temperature, humidity, and air purity levels in many buildings still may be breeding grounds for the distribution of bacteria, viruses, dust and other allergens. Although these issues may be temporary in a regulated building, even limited exposure to pathogens, air that is too dry or too humid, and uncomfortable temperature can cause health issues.

Another consideration regarding an Nanaimo HVAC system and health is that, even when the system is functioning properly, the needs of the business may require HVAC system settings that still are not optimal for health. In technology-related buildings (e.g., a call centre with many computer stations or a medical equipment testing facility), the air is often kept at ridiculously low humidity levels in order to protect the materials in the building. This can cause problems such as nosebleeds from dry, cracked sinuses, chapped skin, etc. This is problematic because, although most people would sue for other work environment health issues, most people don’t seek compensation for the more minor conditions Nanaimo HVAC systems sometimes cause. As a result, the problem never is remedied.

HVAC systems are not just found in Nanaimo businesses-they’re found in the average Nanaimo home as well, whether the system is a complex furnace or a simple vent and stove. Many older homes aren’t regulated as well as larger buildings such as skyscrapers, mainly because they are private residences and therefore do not need to meet the regulations that exist for places of employment. It is common, for instance, for older homes to have outrageous heating bills in winter simply because their Nanaimo HVAC system doesn’t include an efficient furnace. Residents often end up getting sick because they choose being chilled over not being able to pay their heat bill.

If you suspect that your HVAC system is the cause of your chronic or periodic health problems, the best thing to do is to get the system checked by a professional. Keep a diary of health problem flair ups and see if they coincide with being in a certain area of the building or if they seem to correspond to a particular time of season. Keep track of the types of activities done in the area where you experience the most discomfort or symptoms, as well. This information will help the professional to test your system accurately and to provide you with the best solution. Keep all medical receipts related to the health issues you suspect are caused by the system, too, as this will provide further documentation of what you are experiencing and will provide a figure for any restitution you may seek to claim later on.

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Replacing Electrical Outlets – Handymen Nanaimo

One project you might want to do is to replace old outlets and light switches with new ones. Sometimes older houses have beige or brown or black outlets and they don’t look very pretty. It’s actually a pretty simple upgrade to do and handymen like me here in Nanaimo, BC have a cool gadget to make it a little bit safer.

Also, If you’re updating outlets in the house, you might want to check what you have in your bathroom and on your kitchen counters. If you have an outlet near water it should be GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), which means that the outlet itself will trip before it even makes it back to the breaker box to trip the breaker off. Then you can just reset the button on the outlet when things are safe again.

Before you begin changing an outlet you want to make sure the breaker is turned off. If you aren’t positive you have the right breaker turned off, or even if you think you are positive, you should still check.

This handy gadget will let you know if there is any power, and it will also tell you if things are wired correctly when you’re done putting a new outlet in place.

Just plug it into the outlet and you can see the lights light up. Now flip your breaker off and watch them go out.

If they light up and the lights say it isn’t correct, you will have to fix whatever the problem is. If they don’t light up at all and you haven’t flipped your breaker off at all you might have other issues too. At that point you will want to really make sure no power is going to the outlet. In this case you should use a multi-meter to test for voltage. This is also how you’ll test light switches.

Once you are confident that you have no power running through the lines, you can just unscrew the old outlet, unscrew the wires from it, and reconnect the new outlet in the same manner. Depending on the type of wire inside the electrical box, you may or may not have the ground wire free to connect to the outlet, it might already be grounded to the box if it’s a metal box. The ground wire is a bare copper wire. You also have a black wire and a White wire. Black is hot, White is neutral (It connects to the ground back at the breaker panel.) Outlets show right on them where the hot wire should be connected, so if you accidentally forget how the old outlet was wired, no big deal. Follow the same rules for changing out a GFCI outlet.

Once you have the outlet reconnected and secured in the box, turn the breaker back on and test it with the handy gadget I showed you above. That way you’ll know if it’s wired correctly or if you mixed something up.  If you are still having trouble or don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself visit our website at to contact us.

Best Massage Therapists in Parksville BC

The city of Parksville, in the British Columbia, Canada, boasts of several state-of-the-art massage centers. Therapeutic message is the process of manipulating soft tissues of the muscles, in order to ease the tension of the same, thereby establishing a better blood circulation throughout the body of the individual. Out of the several proven effects, such as the stimulation of nervous systems, reduction in blood pressure and so on, the reduction in physical pain, on parts of the body, and muscle and mental relaxation are what it is mostly popular for.

Parksville provides for a wide number of options when it comes to massage therapy. There are many such well known places, scattered all over the city, among which, Natural Synergy Day Spa Ltd, Intuitive Touch Message Therapy and Parksville Massage Therapy are the most famous ones. These, and some other popular junctions are currently aiming to provide the massage services on, “at your home” scheme as well, where the chosen service is provided by the experts at the consumer’s own house so that he/she can relax in a more familiar environment.
Various problems including rheumatic disorders, sciatica, facet, osteoarthritis, asthma and even psychological problems are dealt with the concept of the unification of mind, body and soul at these centers. Focus is laid, not only at the area of pain and discomfort, but at all other parts that might have a connection to it. Cranio-Sacral massage, Hot stone therapy, RMT treatments, Reflexology, Manula Lymph Drainage are some of the famous and most effective services provided. The rate might range from 50$ for 30 minutes to 150$ or more for the same time span, depending on the choice of massage being opted. There are also options available for specialty treatments, such as in case of pregnancy, sports massage, chronic pain massage, etc.
The practitioners at Parksville massage therapy clinic are very highly trained and are among the best professionals in the business. In fact, Parksville is one of the best places in Canada if it’s a therapeutic massage, that one seeks.

Dr. Ansel The Best Chiropractor In Nanaimo BC.

There are a large number of people who suffer from different kinds of pain including back and neck pain. Visiting the best chiropractor in Nanaimo is the best way of getting relief from every kind of pain. Moreover when you visit Dr. Ansel is the best chiropractor, you can be able to ease the pain that you are dealing with everyday as these kind of treatment is known to be a safe and effective way of getting relief from pain. Hence when you visit a chiropractic clinic, you can be rest assured that you will get total relief from daily pains and aches. If you are suffering from any kind of severe pain, you can take the assistance of a chiropractor who will provide you with effective pain relief from any kind of pain.

There are many benefits that you can enjoy when you visit the best chiropractor in Nanaimo, BC but the most important benefit is that you can get relief from every kind of pain that arise from slipped disc, bulging disc and sciatica. Moreover it is the best pain management without drugs because chiropractic care involves treatment without any involvement of dangers of taking prescriptions pills or medication so that you will not have any kind of dependence on medication.

When you visit a reliable chiropractic clinic, you will opt for a low risk treatment so that you will not have to face complicated effects or high risk medications as you will undertake a non invasive procedure. The best chiropractor in Nanaimo BC, will find the root cause of the pain so that it can be treated effectively and you won’t have to worry about any serious side effects of the treatment. This treatment can also be customized according to the severity of your pain so that it can be treated in an effective manner.

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Benefits to using M Graham & Associates for your company’s business accounting needs:

We have top notch accountants with 20 years of experience
We have competitive prices using the latest technology
We come to you at your convenience

Small business is our focus. Nothing excites us more or gives us more pleasure than assisting small businesses in their success. More small businesses in Nanaimo depend on M Graham & Associates because:

We know small business since we are a small business
Our clients get the personal attention they expect from a smaller firm with the service and experience of a larger firm
We will be with you when you start up and stay with you as you grow
Not every project requires a full-time employee
Not every business can afford a full-time salary
We understand everyone needs support sometimes. We provide virtual accounting support to small businesses.
We can streamline accounting functions to create efficient/cost effective accounting departments.
We offer temporary bookkeeper/controller services to businesses that need assistance on a contractual or as-needed basis.
We can also assist with the monthly close of your company’s books on a regular or temporary basis.

Eliminate waste, inefficiencies and the middleman. We are a group of successful businesswomen that want your accounting department be the best it can be. We have 20 years of experience in creating the most cost-effective and thriving accounting departments around Nanaimo.

If you currently use a recruiter, you are not being cost-effective. We are a group of highly recommended accountants that can streamline any accounting department and help it achieve its full potential.

We are a group of successful women with thriving careers in accounting that decided to spend more time with their families.

As Controllers, we found it very frustrating when we needed additional quality help but could only afford a low-end staff accountant because we had to pay so much to the placement company.

We decided we could find a group of talented accountants that would like temporary, seasonal or part-time work where they could contribute their professional skills and have more time to be with their families.

It’s a win-win situation. You only pay for the service you need. You get a professional accountant that has a proven successful record. And we get an exciting career helping many companies in assorted industries and more time with our families.

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Benefits offered by Marriage counseling Nanaimo BC

Marriage counseling Nanaimo BC is the best option for you if you are facing relationship problems because the marriage counselors are experts who can help in resolving the issues in the most effective manner. It is also known to prevent instances of separation and divorce as the counseling session can be very beneficial for couples so that they can patch up their relationship.

There are different benefits of Marriage counseling Nanaimo BC but the most important benefit is that it helps couples in getting rid of the negative communication that might arise due to their differences. The counselor can help you in resolving the differences between you and your partner because the absence of it can lead to serious arguments and disputes. Therefore if you are facing any problem with your partner then you should consider marriage counseling as it is the best way of getting back together and you will have a beautiful relationship together.


Choosing a good dentist in Nanaimo

The dental problem can arise at any stage of life and may give you severe pain. It is then quite obvious to visit a dentist to find the solutions of your problem. Even if you are not having any pain or problem but misaligned teeth then also you need to visit a Good dentist in Nanaimo in order to get it corrected. However, the most important thing is to find a good dentist who can give you the most effective solution. Here are some most important factors that you need to consider while looking for a dental care expert:

The most important thing to consider is the location and office hours: You must choose a doctor close to your home or work. It will facilitate on time visits as you would be able to reach there on time. Also, you need to ensure that the dentist’s clinic remains open on days and at the time when you are able to schedule an appointment. It will be easy for you to visit the doctor without experiencing any loss.

The total cost of treatment: Visiting a dentist would surely ask you to pay some amount. However, the most important thing to know is how much you have to pay and whether it is suitable for you or not. Then, you need to ensure that the dentist would accept insurance or not, or he/she is offering multiple payment options or not.

You need to understand that the cost of treatment varies with the type of dental problem. At times, you have to pay some amount even after you have a dental insurance and hence, you need to know that payable amount.

Professional qualification and experience: You would certainly like to look for a dentist who can offer you safe and best treatment possible. Therefore, you must consider the professional qualification of the dentist in question.

License: Most state boards have a website where you can check whether the doctor in that area is licensed or not. You can use these sites to verify whether the doctor in question is licensed or not, and for your safety reasons, you need to choose only the one that is licensed.

High Quality Web designs by Nanaimo

responsive web design

We believe quality web design begins with an understanding that websites are an online marketing tool and therefore web designers must strive not only to impress the visitors but also engage and “force” them to take action. This means not only an attractive design that will compliment and extend your organizations image but, also a well planned and interactive interface that will make sure your message is not only seen but also acknowledged.

Web design is often mistaken for web graphic design but it actually encompasses many different skills and disciplines such as search engine optimization, interface and user experience design just to name a few. Quality web designer is as much a scientist as he is an artist and part of our job is to constantly research and apply new technologies and, also understand why visitors are currently behaving in a way they do, what are the latest search engine changes and expectations, and much more. We know that only design that incorporates all of these expertise will ensure your website success.

Built for Speed

Modern day Canadians live busy lifestyles and they often search for information and increasingly take action online but they are hardly, if ever prepared to wait for it. That is why in all of our website designs we use advanced latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure your website visitors enjoy a fast browsing experience.

Mobile Friendly Design

Latest industry research is showing that Canadians who access internet from mobile devices have all but taken over from desktop visitors. More importantly the number of mobile website visitors who are taking action is growing at rapid pace. We use responsive web design to create websites that look and work just as great on mobile phones and tablets, as they do on desktops and, ensure you don’t lose your share of this fast growing market.

Search Engine Optimized

Every website can and should be optimized for search engines but, because this is a seemingly invisible aspect of web design it is perhaps the most frequently neglected one. Search engines are “colour blind” so unlike your human visitors who notice your websites apparent beauty they care more about the code, the “inner beauty” of your website: its structure, readability, speed, weight, content, etc. At webgraffiti -web design we suffer from (as we like to call it) “search engine obsession” so from the first line of code we write, we make sure your website is as attractive to search engines as it is to humans.

Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing Services in Nanaimo

pressure washing patios

Extreme Pres­sure Wash­ing in Nanaimo has been in busi­ness for more than 20 years.  Our mis­sion is to con­duct busi­ness in a fair and hon­our­able man­ner and pro­vide high qual­ity, reli­able ser­vice to our clients.

We ser­vice com­mer­cial, indus­trial, and res­i­den­tial clients through­out Nanaimo. We com­bine exten­sive knowl­edge, skill, expe­ri­ence and train­ing with high tech­nol­ogy, spe­cial­ized equip­ment to give our cus­tomers a tremen­dous value for their money.

Our trained pro­fes­sion­als are ready to review your clean­ing needs and pro­vide you with a FREE detailed pro­posal on how to resolve your issues and con­cerns,  and leave you 100% sat­is­fied every time. We focus on atten­tion to detail and good, old-fashioned pro­fes­sional service.

Pro­tect and Pre­serve Your Investment

As a busi­ness owner or oper­a­tor, your build­ing is most likely a major invest­ment and should always look its best. In fact, many cus­tomers and investors prob­a­bly judge your busi­nesses abil­i­ties and rep­u­ta­tion based solely on the appear­ance of your build­ing. Keep­ing your build­ing look­ing its best is a must! When you main­tain your building’s con­di­tion and appear­ance, it will serve to impress your cus­tomers or investors and help main­tain the value of your large investment.

Unfor­tu­nately, the appear­ance of your build­ing­ may not always be in your con­trol. Due to weather, human traf­fic, and other influ­ences, build­ings, doors, floors, park­ing lots, and machin­ery col­lect dirt and debris and can leave your busi­ness look­ing less than desir­able. Extreme Pres­sure Wash­ing pro­vides the most effi­cient method of remov­ing the sur­face dirt, mold, mildew, and any other buildup that could col­lect on your build­ing facade, park­ing lot, or walk­ways. Pres­sure wash­ing is the best method to pre­pare your build­ing for repairs, paint­ing, or remodelling.

We spe­cial­ize in ser­vic­ing numer­ous com­mer­cial clients and have a unique solu­tion for all your clean­ing needs. For more info check out build­ing facade clean­ing Nanaimo.  Con­tact us today and let us clean and pro­tect your impor­tant investment!

Instant Curb Appeal

Are you want­ing to sell your home more quickly? Would you like to improve your home’s curb appeal as well as your peace of mind? Pres­sure wash­ing by Extreme Pres­sure Wash­ing is one of the sim­plest ways to increase your home’s value, plus an excel­lent alter­na­tive to costly repairs. Pres­sure wash­ing your house, dri­ve­way, deck and/or roof not only increases your prop­erty value, it also pro­tects your invest­ment, while demon­strat­ing you are a proud homeowner.

We also spe­cial­ize in ser­vic­ing numerous residential clients.  For more info check out our website or con­tact us today and let us clean and pro­tect your most impor­tant investment your home!