Benefits to using M Graham & Associates for your company’s business accounting needs:

We have top notch accountants with 20 years of experience
We have competitive prices using the latest technology
We come to you at your convenience

Small business is our focus. Nothing excites us more or gives us more pleasure than assisting small businesses in their success. More small businesses in Nanaimo depend on M Graham & Associates because:

We know small business since we are a small business
Our clients get the personal attention they expect from a smaller firm with the service and experience of a larger firm
We will be with you when you start up and stay with you as you grow
Not every project requires a full-time employee
Not every business can afford a full-time salary
We understand everyone needs support sometimes. We provide virtual accounting support to small businesses.
We can streamline accounting functions to create efficient/cost effective accounting departments.
We offer temporary bookkeeper/controller services to businesses that need assistance on a contractual or as-needed basis.
We can also assist with the monthly close of your company’s books on a regular or temporary basis.

Eliminate waste, inefficiencies and the middleman. We are a group of successful businesswomen that want your accounting department be the best it can be. We have 20 years of experience in creating the most cost-effective and thriving accounting departments around Nanaimo.

If you currently use a recruiter, you are not being cost-effective. We are a group of highly recommended accountants that can streamline any accounting department and help it achieve its full potential.

We are a group of successful women with thriving careers in accounting that decided to spend more time with their families.

As Controllers, we found it very frustrating when we needed additional quality help but could only afford a low-end staff accountant because we had to pay so much to the placement company.

We decided we could find a group of talented accountants that would like temporary, seasonal or part-time work where they could contribute their professional skills and have more time to be with their families.

It’s a win-win situation. You only pay for the service you need. You get a professional accountant that has a proven successful record. And we get an exciting career helping many companies in assorted industries and more time with our families.

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