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responsive web design

We believe quality web design begins with an understanding that websites are an online marketing tool and therefore web designers must strive not only to impress the visitors but also engage and “force” them to take action. This means not only an attractive design that will compliment and extend your organizations image but, also a well planned and interactive interface that will make sure your message is not only seen but also acknowledged.

Web design is often mistaken for web graphic design but it actually encompasses many different skills and disciplines such as search engine optimization, interface and user experience design just to name a few. Quality web designer is as much a scientist as he is an artist and part of our job is to constantly research and apply new technologies and, also understand why visitors are currently behaving in a way they do, what are the latest search engine changes and expectations, and much more. We know that only design that incorporates all of these expertise will ensure your website success.

Built for Speed

Modern day Canadians live busy lifestyles and they often search for information and increasingly take action online but they are hardly, if ever prepared to wait for it. That is why in all of our website designs we use advanced latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure your website visitors enjoy a fast browsing experience.

Mobile Friendly Design

Latest industry research is showing that Canadians who access internet from mobile devices have all but taken over from desktop visitors. More importantly the number of mobile website visitors who are taking action is growing at rapid pace. We use responsive web design to create websites that look and work just as great on mobile phones and tablets, as they do on desktops and, ensure you don’t lose your share of this fast growing market.

Search Engine Optimized

Every website can and should be optimized for search engines but, because this is a seemingly invisible aspect of web design it is perhaps the most frequently neglected one. Search engines are “colour blind” so unlike your human visitors who notice your websites apparent beauty they care more about the code, the “inner beauty” of your website: its structure, readability, speed, weight, content, etc. At webgraffiti -web design we suffer from (as we like to call it) “search engine obsession” so from the first line of code we write, we make sure your website is as attractive to search engines as it is to humans.

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